We have a new and modern facility.

It is designed to not look or feel like a traditional (generic) medical office.  We have exceptional staff to serve you in all areas.

Our staff will always answer your calls and questions during business hours.

We have X-ray on site.

Dr. Kenneth Raper is the owner and Medical Director of Falcon Urgent Care.  He is Board Certified in Family Practice and previously served in the USAF as an ER and Family Practice Physician.  His wife Karen Raper, is a dietitian and Clinic Manager.


How Services Are Delivered

Generally when you come in you will be seen and treated uneventfully. However, if someone else arrives acutely injured, acutely ill, or bleeding, these patients will be brought into the treatment area and treated before others.  This is called triage.

The severely ill or injured will have priority for treatment.

This system is used in ER’s, in combat by our military, and by disaster response teams.  If you are unfortunate to be one of these patients, you deserve no less.  You should expect to be seen first, and ahead of someone with more minor ailment.

If a patient has needs that cannot be diagnosed and treated at our office, they will be referred to a specialist or the closest ER.  If we cannot help someone, we will try to get them to someone who can.

We do not intend to be anyone’s PCP (Primary Care Provider) or replace anyone’s PCP.

They serve as caretakers and perform essential and vital services, such as patient monitoring of chronic conditions, health and cancer screening, immunizations and many other services. We will be happy to send your medical records to your PCP upon request.

We have eliminated the appointment system.


The Appointment System
(our rant on an outdated system)

If you are very sick or injured, the appointment system is commonly not very patient friendly.

The appointment system is doctor oriented.

It serves the doctor’s office to have a predictable patient with a known problem to be at the office at an assigned time.

Many doctors and medical offices do not wish to see acutely ill or injured patients.  These patients in need are usually sent to the ER to wait for hours.  The medical offices have a calm day with no surprises or bleeding patients.  This system best serves those patients with chronic ailments that need monitoring, such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc., or need routine checkups and health screening.

With the appointment system, you will see the doctor when it is most convenient for the doctor. Really.

If you are late for your appointment, you will probably be asked to reschedule, at another time when it is convenient for the doctor.

Really. It happens at most offices every day.

This is not a patient oriented system.

At Falcon Urgent Care, we have eliminated this barrier to care.

-No calling to ask for an appointment, at a time convenient for the doctor.

-No waiting for that appointment,

-No hectic stress to arrive on time and not be late for that      appointment (traffic, rounding up the kids, road construction, etc).

Even if you get lost or have to stop for gas, it is not a problem.

Your “appointment” here begins when you arrive.

Just come in when you feel like you need medical attention.

We’re Easy.



OPEN 8 AM Daily

Weekdays  8 AM – 6:30 PM

Saturdays  8 AM – 3 PM

Sundays     8 AM – 1 PM


You NEVER have to wait for an appointment.


TRI-Care, Medicare, Medicaid, Champ VA, and

-Most Regional Insurance Plans accepted.

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