The Milk Myth

           Milk is good for you!

Myth: “Avoid dairy products if you have a respiratory infection; milk will cause you to produce more mucous.” This is something many of us have heard all our lives. This is a myth that will never die, because it is so believable. Because Doctors, Nurses, Chiropractors, and “old wives” have heard it all their lives, they continue to pass this on to their patients and anyone else who will listen. It is believable because when we drink milk, it feels like there is more mucous in our mouth. This sensation is from all the FAT in milk. It’s like an oil slick in your mouth. To your mouth, it feel like mucous. You won’t get that sensation from Fat free milk. MILK IS THE ONLY BEVERAGE WE DRINK WITH FAT IN IT. There is no evidence to support this myth.

Milk is probably the best source of calcium for us and our kids. I only recommend Organic milk. Because of its fat content, milk is also a wonderful lubricant for swallowing large or dry uncoated pills.